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Does Medicare Pay For Assisted Living?

Does Medicare Pay For Assisted Living

Let’s take a look at Medicare, Medicaid, and other financing options for anyone looking to reside in assisted living facilities.

Assisted Living Coverage Options

As you or your loved one chooses which assisted living facility to reside in, the cost is undoubtedly a large factor that must be considered. Assisted living prices will depend on location, floorplan, services, amenities, and accommodations. As you select the care type you’d prefer, you will need to know how the expenses are covered and if Medicare will help with any of the costs.

Medicare Coverage For Assisted Living

Oftentimes, Medicare will not extend coverage in order to handle long-term or assisted living care. However, there are situations where Medicare will cover qualified healthcare costs at certain facilities. Medicare is typically used to cover the costs of home health care provided by skilled nursing facilities.

Medicaid Coverage For Assisted Living

In Arizona, the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) will pay for care-related services for residents of the state living in these facilities. However, the System will not pay for room and board. Assisted living residents will pay different costs for basic living depending on their location and coverage.

Other Assisted Living Funding Options

Paying for assisted living costs may seem overwhelming for a lot of people. Most seniors turn to assisted living once they start to need help. It can be difficult to acquire a new health insurance policy at this point to help in covering these costs. However, when possible, it’s a good idea to always purchase health insurance policies that offer coverage for assisted living care and long-term care. A lot of insurance policies do provide this coverage, and this usually is the least expensive option.

It is very common for individuals to pay a little of the cost of assisted living care out of their pocket. While some pay all of the cost out of pocket. This can come from investments, retirement accounts, savings accounts, or other sources of income.

Under some circumstances, the Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Pension may be a source of help for paying for assisted living care. Those who qualify are required to have under $80,000 in assets. This program can pay out a considerable sum per month to assist in covering these costs. Veterans programs – both state and federal level programs – aside from this may also be of assistance.

Retirement Community In Surprise, AZ

Chaparral Winds is a beautiful assisted living community near Sun City, AZ. Being able to socialize with other residents becomes an integral part of many peoples’ lives and Chaparral Winds Assisted Living offers common indoor space to support that need. If a resident requires assistance moving from a bed to a wheelchair or vice versa, this facility has staff who can help.

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