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How Much Does Assisted Living Cost In Sun City West, AZ?

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost in Sun City West, AZ?

The average cost of assisted living in Sun City West is $4,576 per month. Average prices range from $1,100 to $8,400 per month in Arizona for 2019 according to multiple sources. A lot of premier services, locations, and areas do cost more. Luxury assisted living facilities will cost more than cheaper assisted living facilities.

• Low Cost: $1,100 per month
• Average Cost: $4,576 per month
• High Cost: $8,400 per month

Average Assisted Living Cost in Sun  City West, AZ by Source

The average cost of assisted living in Sun City West, AZ is around $3,150; with a low cost ranging around $1,100 and high cost ranging around $6,700 as reported by SeniorAdvice.com.

According to AssistedLiving.com the cost of assisted living in Sun City West, AZ ranges from about $2,655 per month up to $8,300 per month. The average cost is approximately $5,478 per month.

aPlaceforMom.com reports assisted living costs in Sun City West, AZ average $5,100; with high costs around $8,400 and low costs around $1,800.

Chaparral Winds is an Assisted Living Facility in Surprise, Arizona

Chaparral Winds is a beautiful assisted living facility near Surprise, AZ. Being able to socialize with other residents becomes an integral part of many peoples’ lives and Chaparral Winds Assisted Living Facility offers common indoor space to support that need. If a resident requires assistance moving from a bed to a wheelchair or vice versa, this facility has staff who can help.

Address: 16623 N W Point Pkwy, Surprise, AZ 85374

Phone: (623) 975-0880

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