Activities For Seniors During Covid
Written by Brian B

Activities For Seniors During Covid

Isolation during a pandemic is obviously a difficult situation, especially for today’s seniors. It is hard to make the best of a long period of time without much contact or human interaction, but we’re all in this together. So how can the elderly pass the time during these tough moments? Here is a look at five of the best activities for seniors during Covid.

Zoom Calls

Remarkably, some positives have been birthed during the tumultuous pandemic. One of those positives is the rise in popularity of video (or zoom) conference calls. Thanks to Zoom, you’ll never have to spend a moment unsure of what your family and friends are up to. These video conference calls can be performed one-on-one or even in group settings. Video calls are a great and easy way to stay connected during an extended quarantine period.

Crosswords And Puzzles

Most board games can’t be completed with just a single player. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of fun activities to do, individually. Puzzles are ideal for seniors needing the mental stimulation and concentration these require. Another benefit of puzzles is they can be as easy or difficult as you desire. Tackling a larger, 1,000-word puzzle may be best during the pandemic, as these could last for days or even weeks. Crosswords are a good daily exercise for seniors. Keep your mind sharp with either of these enjoyable activities.


These unsettling times may push many individuals to get in touch with their spiritual side. Find some peace by putting on some meditation music and reading spiritual poems or other literature. Going through old photographs can be a healthy way to find peace and relive some positive memories throughout your life. Several terrific guided meditation apps are currently available.

Seasonal Activities

Keeping up with seasonal activities and/or traditions can be perfect for today’s seniors. Halloween has just passed. Did you carve or decorate a pumpkin? Perhaps even a fun costume design could help pass the time. Since the spooky holiday is over, that means Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Maybe the time is right to break out the arts and crafts. Coloring a Thanksgiving-themed photograph or outline could be the perfect way to set the mood for upcoming celebrations.

Get Organized

With limited time outside or in public, there’s no better chance to get organized inside your home, apartment or assisted/independent living facility. Cleaning up and getting organized always results in a happier and more peaceful state of mind. Sort through your trash, get rid of old clothes no longer in rotation or organize your closet(s). Cleaning is one way to make sure you stay productive during this ongoing pandemic.

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