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10 Fun Things To Do In Retirement

10 Fun Things To Do In Retirement

Up to this point, your life may have been all about work and raising a family. Retirement is a chance to dedicate time to yourself. If you are searching online for “what to do after retirement” or “things to do in retirement,” then this post is for you!

Fun Things To Do In Retirement

  1. Travel
  2. Volunteer
  3. Get A Part-Time Job
  4. Purchase An RV
  5. Catch Up On Reading
  6. Start A Blog
  7. Fitness Routine
  8. Learn To Play An Instrument
  9. Spend Quality Time With Friends & Family
  10. Public Service


Retirement is the perfect time to finally take those trips you’ve always been dreaming about. Your work days are now over and the calendar is free. Whether you wish to fly to a foreign country or take a road trip throughout the United States, this is your time to adventure. A common way to travel for many retirees is to visit places they previously explored. Re-visit some of your favorite spots or check a few new places off the bucket list!


Volunteering can be such a rewarding experience for retirees and others. Spend your time giving back, and impacting other lives along the way. There are many resources available to check for volunteer opportunities. You can go through local charities and/or church groups to learn when any opportunities may come up.

Get A Part-Time Job

Even during retirement, it is very common for men and women of a certain age to keep some sort of part-time job. Find something you are really passionate about. Feel free to contact companies or recruiters to learn about any openings that may spark your interest. Adding some extra income and even meeting some new people are just a few great benefits of rejoining the workforce.

Purchase An RV

We mentioned traveling earlier, and there is truly no more enjoyable way to travel than in an RV. An RV is perfect for any long road trips ahead. Perhaps you want to step foot in all 50 states or visit as many national parks as possible. Regardless of the destination, you will always travel in style with an RV. This will give you the comforts of a home, where you’ll still be able to cook, clean and sleep with your own sheets and pillows at night.

Catch Up On Reading

Ease into all of your newfound free time by jumping back into some favorite hobbies. Catch up on all the classic books and novels you simply haven’t had the time for over the past few busy years. Joining a book club and meeting new people that share the same interests is another rewarding experience.

Start A Blog

The older you get, the wiser you become. Do the younger generation a service by sharing your wisdom! Share your favorite experiences, recipes and even work/real-life adventures with a mass audience. Starting a blog is very simple, and it is a great way to communicate with friends and loved ones.

Fitness Routine

One of the best gifts you can get yourself is mental and physical health. Regular exercise is more and more beneficial as we age. It can dramatically improve both mental and physical health over time. Choose some sort of physical fitness that interests you. Going on long walks in the morning or joining a yoga class are two popular options.

Learn To Play An Instrument

Once you’re finally settled into retirement, it’s common for old hobbies to reappear in one’s life. To add to that, there are usually a few hobbies that you always intended to get to, but never found the time. Learning to play an instrument or learning a new language will keep you sharp mentally, and even spark some new interests along the way.

Spend Quality Time With Friends & Family

This is generally priority number one for retirees and the elderly. Family and friends may have moved around due to jobs over the past few decades, so use this time to travel and catch up with them.

Public Service

Choosing to get involved and make a difference in the community is a great use of time. Help others and make an everlasting impact in the community by jumping into the realm of public service.

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