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What Is Infectious Arthritis

what is infectious arthritis

What Is Infectious Arthritis?

Infectious arthritis is a type of arthritis brought on by an infection in the joint. It is also known as septic arthritis. As the name suggests, infectious arthritis is not contagious.

In another type of arthritis, referred to as reactive arthritis, is an infection in another party of the body – usually the genitals, intestines or urinary tract – causing an inflammatory reaction in the joints. Unlike septic arthritis, the infection on its own is not existent in the joint.  Various types of systemic infections may also have joint symptoms or can set off arthritis, but like reactive arthritis the joint isn’t infected.

Causes Of Infectious Arthritis

Almost all types of infectious arthritis are caused by germs or bacteria. The most common types of these infections are Staphylococcus aureus (staph infection), a type of bacteria that can live on even healthy skin. Infectious arthritis can also be brought on by viral or fungal infections.

In some cases, infectious arthritis starts developing when an infection elsewhere in the body passes through the bloodstream to the joint. Less common, the infection starts to enter the joint directly, maybe through a laceration or surgery on or close to the joint.

Symptoms Of Infectious Arthritis

The most typical symptoms of infectious arthritis are excessive swelling and intense pain, usually in just a single joint. About half of all circumstances, infectious arthritis can affect the knee, but hips, ankles and wrists can also be affected. Even less common, infectious arthritis involves more than one joint.

Joint pain and swelling may be followed by other symptoms of infection, among other things, fever and chills.

Diagnosing Infectious Arthritis

The diagnosis of infectious arthritis will comprise of a complete medical background, physical examination and lab tests. Examining a sampling of joint fluid can help find out what organism is causing the infection and help the doctor plan treatment accordingly. X-rays and other imaging tests of the involved joint also may be ordered to determine any damage to the joint.

Treatment For Infectious Arthritis

Medical care will depend on the kind of germ or bacteria that is causing the infection. Bacterial infections are mostly treated with antibiotics. The type of antibiotic the doctor will use; depends on the bacterium that is causing the infection. Antibiotics may be taken by mouth or given intravenously injection. Antibiotics usually will stop the infection in from a few days to a few weeks, but in some cases, they must be given over a couple of months.

Infectious arthritis caused by a fungus can be difficult to treat, often needing several months of antifungal medication and, occasionally surgery to clear away the affected tissue.  Infectious arthritis caused by a virus, usually goes away by itself with no definitive treatment.

Treatment may also be needed to relieve pain and ease inflammation of infectious arthritis. In some cases, the doctor may empty the infected joint by inserting a needle into it and withdrawing fluid.

Infectious Arthritis Self-Care

Added to the treatments prescribed by the doctor, it is important to take it easy and take care of the inflamed joints.  After the infection is gone, moderate exercise is helpful by strengthening muscle to re-enforce the joint and increase range of motion.

Who Is At Risk For Infectious Arthritis?

Young children and the elderly are most likely to become infected with septic arthritis. People with open wounds are also venerable for septic arthritis. In addition, people with a weaker immune system and those with pre-existing disease or illness, also have a higher risk of developing infectious arthritis. Also, already damaged joints have a greater chance of becoming infected.

Infectious Arthritis Risk Factors

A number of factors increase the risk of contracting the condition, including:

  • Pre-existing joint issues, such as other kinds of arthritis
  • Open wounds
  • Intravenous drug use
  • Diabetes
  • A weak immune system
  • Sharing needles
  • An infection somewhere else in the body
  • Too much alcohol use can weaken the immune system

Summary Of Infectious Arthritis

  • Infectious arthritis is a type of arthritis that is triggered by bacteria, viruses or fungi.
  • Various types of infections can cause joint inflammation. This form of arthritis is mostly curable.
  • If the infection is detected and treated early, there is normally no permanent joint damage. If the infection is not treated fast enough, lasting joint damage may result. Bacterial and fungal infections are generally treated with medication. A viral infection in most cases will go away on its own.
  • Often people with infectious arthritis are capable to resume their usual activities once the infection is no longer present

Is It Possible To Prevent Infectious Arthritis?

Yes, it is possible to prevent infectious arthritis by staying away from infections and preventing damage to the skin.

Chaparral Winds Offers The Finest Retirement Living In Surprise, Arizona

Chaparral Winds is a retirement facility in Surprise, Arizona offering assisted living, independent living, and memory care services. For more information about our senior living facility, SLS Communities or to schedule a tour, please call us today at 623-471-5086.

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Benefits of Independent Living

What are benefits of independent living?

Are you curious to find out more about “what are the benefits of independent living?”, if you are, this post should help. If you are worried with the security and safety of your elderly loved one, you may want to think about independent living. Independent living is perfect for individuals who can still live without the need of assistance, but enjoy the peace of mind of having assistance when it is needed. In this post we will discuss some of the key benefits of independent living for your loved one.

Benefits Of Independent Living

  1. Senior Friendly Accommodations
    With first-rate, apartment living, seniors can move from their higher priced, high-maintenance houses with ease. These communities are designed for easy navigation (whether a resident is mobile, need the assistance of a walker or in maybe even in a wheelchair), compact and free of possible dangers.
  2.  Senior Social Interaction
    Independent living encourages its residents to engage in the community at a comfortable level they are happy with. With year-round events, special movie nights, fitness centers, and a barber shop/beauty salon, all at their front door, they can easily reach out and associate with the rest of the community and fellow seniors.
  3. Security and Safety
    In the most straightforward sense this means taking care of the access to the community and its residents. This also means guaranteeing that our residents’ requirements are met and emergencies are identified and responded to in a timely matter. Independent living communities they deal with this by taking care of all maintenance, offering twenty four hour safety and security.
  4. Freedom Time
    The most popular reason that senior’s transition from their own homes to independent living is the freedom they gain. Moving from a large home decreases personal tasks, errands and time spent on their homes maintenance. Residents will also find that independent living gives them the time to pursue other much awaited pursuits and hobbies.
  5. Independence 
    Independent living has the same intentions as its residents – to keep them as independent as imaginable without encroaching on their self respect or privacy. This means they only provide the assistance as they need it. Some additional conveniences include housekeeping and laundry services and arranged transportation, as well as twenty four hour emergency response systems and a highly skilled nursing staff.
  6. Independent Living Features
    With each monthly payment, they will be able to treat themselves to any number of services the community makes available. Even though more advanced medical care services are likely to come at added costs, staff are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to keep their needs met. Of the many advantages to independent living, the main ones seniors look for include:
  • Prepaid utility bills (water, electric, trash removal, etc.)
  • Elegant floor plans and completely furnished living areas
  • Preferred dining choices and meal programs 
  • Laundry and housekeeping services
  • Exercise courses and wellness facilities
  • Peaceful reading areas
  • 24/7 staff accessible for assistance
  • Facility security and emergency call center
  • Transportation is available

Chaparral Winds Offers The Finest Retirement Living In Surprise, Arizona

Chaparral Winds is a retirement facility in Surprise, Arizona offering assisted living, independent living, and memory care services. For more information about our senior living facility, SLS Communities or to schedule a tour, please call us today at 623-471-5086. Print out our checklist to help you ask the right questions and what to look for when deciding on an independent living facility for you or your loved one.

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Top 5 Retirement Communities in Arizona

If you have been searching for somewhere that you can enjoy retirement, then check out these “top 5 retirement communities located in Arizona. Finding the best memory care, assisted living, or independent living community for yourself or even a loved one is a big step, so check out this list.

Top 5 Retirement Communities in Arizona

Chaparral Winds Retirement Community: Surprise, Arizona

Chaparral Winds is on over 12 acres that has plenty of room for residents to enjoy such as the large putting green, pools, courtyards, and even gated entry that is secured. The whole community is active, always busy, and vibrant with activities. All of the residents happen to enjoy the world class meals that are located in fine dining areas as well as cleaning services.

Canyon Winds Retirement Community: Mesa, Arizona

This happens to be a newer retirement community. Canyon Winds has a lot of great amenities. Residents are able to enjoy a beauty salon, chapel, fitness center, theater room, spa and resort style pool, and world class dining as well as housekeeping, laundry and transportation services.

Desert Winds Retirement Community: Peoria, Arizona

Residents here are able to enjoy a community with plenty of activities for an active lifestyle. It has great golfing, quality medical care, and amazing restaurants all close by. The staff handles the cooking, laundry, and cleaning so you can enjoy your retirement without having to have chores.

Sedona Winds Retirement Community: Sedona, Arizona

In one of the most picturesque areas in Arizona, Sedona Winds gives residents access to limitless opportunities for entertainment, interests, and hobbies as well as enjoyment living in red rock. Residents can keep busy while staff handles everything else.

Ventana Winds Retirement Community: Youngtown, Arizona

This retirement community has fine dining, amazing meals, manicured landscaping, elegant décor, and great floor plan options. Plus, the community is close to shopping, fine restaurants, cultural centers and some of the valley’s best golf courses.

Locating a Retirement Community in Arizona

Need some help locating retirement communities located in Arizona?

We have helped a lot of seniors find the best fit for memory care, assisted living and independent living in Arizona. We have 5 locations within Arizona that can help you to find the perfect community for you or a loved one that will provide you with compassionate, highly trained, and welcoming staff and personnel.

Need help picking the type of care?

Whenever a senior or a family member is starting to consider retirement communities then there may be confusion and doubt over what type of care will be needed. We have a highly trained team to help you to decide what type of care is best out of memory care, assisted living and independent living.

Do you need assistance with planning a budget?

Most seniors will be on a fixed income and budgeting will be a huge part of ensuring that seniors will be cared for correctly. Our team will help to find the right type of community to fit every situation so that you can have a wise and balanced budget.

Do you need support while transitioning to a community?

It can be hard for some seniors to move from their home to a retirement community. Our compassionate and talented staff will focus on providing tailored care for your senior that will make them feel welcome and help to make the transition much easier.

Chaparral Winds Offers The Finest Retirement Living In Surprise, Arizona

Chaparral Winds is a retirement facility in Surprise, Arizona offering assisted living, independent living, and memory care services. For more information about our senior living facility, SLS Communities or to schedule a tour, please call us today at 623-471-5086.

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What Is Independent Living?

What is Independent Living?

If you are searching the phrase “What Is Independent Living?” while trying to understand the differences between different types of retirement homes, this article should help!

There are no doubts about it, we all age, and when it starts to happen it is time to start thinking about changing up our living arrangements. Sometimes responsibilities can become too much, and it could mean that we are alone and without a way to get around, which implies that we could use some companionship with those who are our age. Independent living facilities may be the answer, depending on your situation a retirement home may be better.

In order to deal with the stress that comes with the changes you may encounter, you need to ensure that you can continue with their independence while settling into a new home. It is wise to think a head and begin planning. This gives you the time and space to learn to deal with it.

Exactly What Does Independent Living Consist Of?

Independent living is simply a housing arrangement for seniors who are 55 or older. There are a few exceptions to this. Housing for seniors will vary in types such free standing homes, retirement communities, and apartment living. Senior housing will have a friendly atmosphere, more compact, they are equipped to let seniors get around easily and all groundwork and/or maintenance is done for them.

Most communities for independent living will offer residents various activities and programs, other services, as well as amenities. Independent living housing often has a recreational center and/or clubhouse that will allow seniors to interact with other people. Independent living also has community participation in crafts, holiday gatherings, movie nights, arts, and other types of activities.

The housing may have facilities like fitness centers, swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, a variety of clubs and interest groups. There are other services such as on-site spas, daily meals, housekeeping, laundry services and barber & beauty shops.

After all, independent living facilities are focused on those who are 55 and older, designed and created to give an atmosphere of independent living, but with assistance available where it is needed. Hiring in-home aids is also an option for those who feel that they need it.

How Is Independent Living Any Different Than Other Senior Living?

The difference between other senior housing and independent living is the level that a resident may need assistance. If the resident needs 24-hour assistance with activities such as bathing, using the bathroom, eating, getting dressed, or have certain medical needs this may be saying that they would work for assisted living housing.

Independent Living, Is It Right For Me?

Whenever a senior has to make a chance in their living arrangements, it may feel as if their world is caving in, like they are losing their independence. However, independent living is just that, it is all about making it much easier to stay independent. Knowing your limitations are keeping you from leading your regular life and facing that they could have quality life with a bit of assistance will let them be independent longer.

Find Out By Answering These Four Questions:

Am I keeping my home up as good, as I use to or is it getting harder for me to do?   

Keeping your home up and running is part of your pride, but when age sets in it can become overwhelming, becoming more of a burden that is dragging you down. For instance, you have a home that has a yard that needs constant attention or extra rooms that aren’t needed but still have to be cleaned and dusted every now and again. Maybe there are issues accessing your home because of stairs or steep inclines like driveways, which keep you from getting out as much as you want, which leaves you isolated.

There may even be the possibility that the neighborhood isn’t as safe as it used to be, which prevents you from walking around like you did before, or prevents you from getting out. You could eliminate some of these challenges by hiring help or remodeling. If you are looking for independent living without all the stress of upkeep, then you may need an independent living facility, which means more freedom and time, with flexibility to enjoy your senior years.

Have I been connecting with my friends and family as much as I would like too? 

Those who are isolated will have a bigger risk of depression and/or mental health issues. This may happen for different reasons, like becoming mobile which making getting around harder and/or not being able to drive yourself as you used to.

Maybe your neighbors and/or friends don’t have time anymore to come around, or you just don’t feel safe in your neighborhood any longer. Although being able to send messages and chat using the Internet is helpful, it doesn’t replace face-to-face contact.

At independent living facilities will give you networks of peers that your social life has lacked, as well as provide structured activities like field trips, arts & crafts, sports and more.

Is getting around getting harder for me?

You are in a home that is located where driving is harder for you to get out and socialize or visiting family and friends, even to do your shopping. If driving is trouble and you have to use public transportation or it is hard for friends and family to get to your home. Even have troubles getting to the doctor.

They have on-site amenities and most will offer options for convenient transportation for outside activities.

Is my health declining (and/or my spouses)?

Take into consideration your health condition and understand what your health may be like in the future is a vital measure that will need to be taken. If the current condition of your health can let you know what to expect down the road, like a condition that will get worse instead of better over time.

These conditions allow for planning ahead which is a wise thing to do. It isn’t just your health to think about either, your spouse will need the same thing and you should plan out your living arrangements together for the future.

Ask Yourselves The Following Questions:

  • Do you both manage your medications and keep up with doctor’s appointments?
  • Do you both still manage your daily living activities such as laundry, bathing, and cooking meals?
  • Do you both or one of you have the ability to manage finances?

Independent living housing is for those who just need a small amount of help with daily living. Understanding what you need will help to decide what is best for you.

Independent Living In Surprise, Arizona

There will be a time in everyone’s lives where having a bit of help when needed will give you peace of mind. Having peace of mind isn’t just for you, it is for you friends and family knowing that you have trained staff to help with what you need. Having your own apartment with trained staff around makes retirement years enriched with socialization and activities.

Chaparral Winds Offers The Finest Retirement Living In Surprise, Arizona

Chaparral Winds is a retirement facility in Surprise, Arizona offering assisted living, independent living, and memory care services. For more information about our senior living facility, SLS Communities or to schedule a tour, please call us today at 623-471-5086.

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Assisted Living El Mirage

If you’re searching for “Assisted Living El Mirage“, while looking for the best spots to retire in El Mirage, Arizona, then Chaparral Winds can help!

Learn more about Assisted Living at Chaparral Winds, or give us a call at 623-294-6871 for more information.

Assisted Living close to El Mirage, Arizona

Chaparral Winds provides Assisted Living and Memory Care, which includes Independent Living services. Located near the border of El Mirage, and we have many different options to choose from, depending on your individual needs.

You can find us conveniently located in El Mirage, near everything you’ll be needing, which includes great places to shop, good restaurants where you’re going to want to eat often, cultural centers, sports arenas, health and medical offices, and naturally, golf courses, all of which are only a few miles from us.

Why We Are Considered The Best Assisted Living Facility

The reason that Chaparral Winds is considered the best in assisted living facilities located in El mirage is that its community has been built on a foundation with the seniors of today in mind. It’s a wonderful place for those seniors who are looking for an active lifestyle, that’s stimulating and continuously holds their interest. Better yet, it adds flexibility to their daily routines ad schedules. Offering many different types of retirement living, which includes assisted living, memory care, and it gives seniors an independent living arrangement. You can read about each type of retirement living is offered below.

About Our Assisted Living Facility In El Mirage

You can find the gorgeous Chaparral Winds assisted living facility in the vicinity of El Mirage, Arizona. Here at Chaparral Winds, we provide spacious studio’s, and both, one and two bedroom apartments that are apaciou9s enough for whatever you may have, such as furniture, clothing, and personal items, our goal is for you to feel at home in our facility.

Our assisted living building is two stories high and has been designed and built around our beautiful courtyard, which is also where a majority of the activities available to you are carried out, and the courtyard is a lovely sight to see from the apartments. The apartments, all have a view of the beautiful sunsets, and the mountains are stunning to glaze at. We provide the residents in need with help in taking their medications, eating, bathing, toileting, dressing, and so much more.

Amenities Includes:

  • Sparkling pool
  • Activity room
  • Library
  • Billiards pool table
  • Resort style dining room

Rent includes:

  • Staffing 24/7
  • 3-meals provided daily
  • Personal laundry done weekly
  • Deep cleaning to apartment done weekly
  • Utilities included, which includes cable television

Apartment Includes:

  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Spacious floor plans
  • Treatments for windows
  • Each apartment has their own individual Heat and Air Units

Community Safety:

  • Security cameras
  • Wheelchair access
  • 24-hour desk attendant
  • Emergency pendent system
  • Transportation to appointments

Chaparral Winds Offers The Finest Retirement Living In Surprise, Arizona

Chaparral Winds is a retirement facility in Surprise, Arizona offering assisted living, independent living, and memory care services. For more information about our senior living facility, SLS Communities or to schedule a tour, please call us today at 623-471-5086.